Morris Ngwenya

I joined ZBC on the 12th of November 2001. Popularly known as “The digital “with the name coming from listeners mainly due to how they felt I ask questions in interviews particularly during the program Vaimbi. I produced the program for more than five years before I specialised mainly in current affairs programs. For close to a decade I became the main anchor of current affairs, special programs, live broadcasts and national events. History will record the countless number of times I’ve been to the special places like the National Heroes, Parliament of Zimbabwe and such important national gatherings.

I broadcast mainly in Tonga, Nambya, Shona and Ndebele although I can also converse well in Chewa/Nyanja. Due to keen interest in learning languages from a tender age I understand well most of the 18 languages broadcast on National Fm. This rare talent has been called into crucial action in Producing and editing of late the National FM community news and current affairs roundup program. My close association with agricultural experts through the television program ‘Talking farming’ has enriched my production of farming updates programs in Tonga and Nambya as well. It is important to note that although I am one of the longest serving television presenters on Talking Farming I dramatically started T.V presenting on Prime Gospel show before I settled for the current affairs program which resonates well with my radio programming bias.

November 2001 is like yesterday as I vividly recall how I was one of the very last people to be auditioned at Montrose studios by the likes of the veteran broadcasters Isaac Munzabwa, Andrew Mudenda and Regina Nyirenda. I still salute that rare crop of broadcasters that includes Elias Mange Ndebele, Captain KG Gift Msipa, Esnath Chauke, ‘TC’ Thomas Chauke, Lucy Yasini and the lady herself Phathu Manala who moulded our crew. Although I had gone through a rare school of social sciences through Philosophy at Chishawasha Regional Major Seminary I actually studied journalism with the Christian College of Southern Africa while I was at National FM.