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National FM is a sub business unit of ZBC and it broadcasts Barwe, Chewa, Chikunda, Doma, Hwesa, Kalanga, Khoisan, Nambya, Ndebele, Shangani, Shona, Tonga, Venda ,Tswana and Xhosa national languages as enshrined in the constitution of Zimbabwe.

The station’s primary target is 25-55 years with 12-24 years and 55 years all above 55 as our secondary target. National Fm is an edutainment radio channel with a split of 60% music and 40% talk. It offers an interactive environment with listeners providing  a mixture of news ,music ,current affairs ,talk shows ,education ,sport ,weather and traffic.

The station consists of Sungura ,Rhumba ,Gospel Music ,Zimdancehall ,Urban Groove,Mbaqanga,jazz,Kwaito,House,Traditional and African Music.National Fm was established in 2002 as a full spectrum radio station ,broadcasting in the above mentioned languages with the exception of Ndau,Khoisan,Tswana which were later introduced after the 2013 constitutional amendment number  20 which recognized these languages as official.

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